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You’ve been busting your butt, eating all the right foods, working out 5 times a week for what seems like months and you hardly see an improvement. You’re feeling discouraged, defeated and exhausted (both mentally and physically) and you’re ready to throw in the towel. Struggling to lose those extra pounds seems to be a constant, uphill battle within yourself; however, this is the harsh reality of being on a weight loss journey.
You can have all the trainers in the world telling you what to do, all the nutritionists telling you what to eat, and all the support from close friends and family. But, it’s up to you to make the change. It’s up to you to want to lose the weight. And, it’s up to you to stay motivated enough to see results.
A lot of patience is required when you’re on a weight loss journey. Okay, I drank a kale smoothie and ate a quinoa salad with no dressing for lunch, so why didn’t I lose 3 pounds? I cannot stress this enough. Be patient! There’s a reason why patience is a virtue because the end results will be worth it.

You won’t…

see immediate changes in your body shape. drop 2 jean sizes in one day. lose 50 lbs. in one month. feel like you accomplished your fitness goals without results. stay motivated all day, every day.

You will…

miss the occasional workout. have your bad days. have your weight fluctuate up and down. have a few setbacks. fail sometimes. bleed, sweat and cry.

notice results in 4 weeks.
have more energy. want to change your lifestyle.

Keep going.

Nothing worth achieving is ever going to be easy or happen right away. You got this. Trust your struggle and keep pushing forward. Your journey is going to be a beautiful ride.
I was always the person who did 20 crunches and then wondered where my six pack was. Now I realize that health and fitness is a lifestyle, not a quick fix! It takes a lot of hard work!
And sometimes, when we stick to the same routine, our bodies adapt to it and it's no longer a challenge. Oh, and it might be crazy to hear: but with the whole weight loss thing...when we're expending so much energy and we're not losing weight, sometimes we just need to INCREASE our calorie intake. Awesome post. Losing weight definitely isn't a walk in the park - it's a series of hill sprints! ;)
Your comment is so relatable @nokcha I think everyone is guilty of doing that! Especially when you're making all these positive changes in your life, it's easy to expect results ASAP!