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Here's an idea: You're living in The Matrix right now. The chair/couch/stool/toilet you're sitting on? The Matrix. The computer/laptop/tablet/phone you're using right now? THE MATRIX.
In the scene above, Morpheus (Larry Fishburne) reveals what The Matrix is to Neo, he takes the red pill and the movie goes on and he finds out that humans are being harvested by machines, gunfight, slow-motion, kung-fu, etc.
We might not be in the human-farm Matrix. But we are definitely living our lives as if we all took the blue pill.
Somewhere along the line, we all became okay with being plugged in 24/7. We have our tweets, statuses, instagram pictures, e-mail chains, etc. Most people these days have a smartphone in their pocket. We are constantly shooting data into a satellite only to wait for data to shoot back into our pockets.
Last night, after walking a friend of mine home from the bar I spent the next 30 minutes walking off my buzz and smoking cigarettes. We were all on our phones. Every pedestrian, every passer-by, and even those in cars waiting for the light to turn green.
We were all plugged in.
Even though our bodies aren't being harvested into machine-energy (or whatever it was). Something is still being taken from us. Our interest in the world and others is -- kind of -- gone.
Sure, we all still experience the world through travelling, etc. But half of the time, we're always telling people about it through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. And listen, I definitely do the same thing -- every time I find myself in a bar, I (for some reason) need to take a picture of myself.
I'm more comfortable texting or instant messaging than talking to someone in person. I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack when I leave my phone at home. The first thing I ask for when visiting a friend is, "what's your wifi password".
I -- we, are constantly staring into a screen. You're doing it right now. And I'm doing it while writing this. We're plugged in. We're machines.
We are the machines from The Matrix. We harvest and strip away our humanity and spend our time plugged in.