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This all-new trailer features footage from the final installment of The Hunger Games films. I am usually underwhelmed by movie trailers, but the team working on these is really fantastic (credit is of course due to the rich source material). Those who have read the books will be exicted to see a few familiar scenes. Those who haven't might want to stop reading now to remain spoiler-free.
The wedding! It looks less intimate than I had imagined, but that makes sense. The wedding was, after all, part of the rebels' Propos. It's still really beautiful (and boy, did they want us to turn on the waterworks right away).
More shots of the rebellion, over Boggs telling Katniss that there's only one way for her to keep the spark of the rebellion going. This sets up the final battle in the city, as well as Katniss' struggle with her position as the spokesperson for the rebellion. I'm glad the character made an appearance.
Katniss and Prim hugging. So they're definitely going to milk that tragedy for all its worth.
Katniss coming to call out Snow. There's no sign if President Coin in the shot, which makes me wonder how they intend to film the climactic scene. Will they try to surprise readers somehow? (There's a shot of Katniss hugging Peeta that feels a little... preemptive). The adaptations have been pretty faithful to the books, so I'm not sure how they could pull that off. I always forget how much I love these movies, and then something else comes out and I'm reminded. I just need to do something about all my Finnick feels now.
Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! I am so excited! I love all of the book, and I can't wait for this movie to come out. So much yaasss.
I'm super excited for this. But I did have to stop myself from watching the trailer/looking at the screencaps so I could be surprised as I watch it. I've only read the first book so I don't know what's going to happen at all.
@paulisaverage I will try so hard not to spoil anything for you