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Zooey Deschanel is known for her quirky, "adorkable", and often vintage-inspired style that has been focused into her character Jessica Day on New Girl. Zooey Deschanel famously defended her cutesy image with this awesome quote: "We can't be feminine and be feminists and be successful? I want to be a f-cking feminist and wear a f-cking Peter Pan collar. So f-cking what?" Below are her best looks from the show.
This earlier look of Jess' is actually head to toe Kate Spade, but her character is quite thrifty. I love when she puts little shorts over dark tights for the Los Angeles winter.
Jess' Thanksgiving crushed velvet dress in the latest season. This girl (and her team of stylists) know how to complement her porcelain skintone.
I loved Jess in this cheery yellow dress because when she's teaching (or working as Vice Principal) at the school, Jess is often a ray of sunshine in a bored, angry, and moody environment.
Though it's definitely nerdy-chic, I love this look because it combines the two styles Jess (and Zooey Deschanel) is most known to wear: peter pan collars and polka dots.
Jess is queen of the fit and flare dress. Often borrowing a 40's silhouette, Jess dresses down her looks with flats (how sensible!), but always has perfectly styled hair, with her trademark bangs looking just right.
Despite the mess that Jess is supposed to be in this past season's "Walk of Shame" episode, I couldn't get over her sparkly beaded shift dress. If only they showed it more clearly before the morning after.
More shorts over tights! This is the most casual we get to see Jess- she doesn't exactly do sweats.
Another perfect polka dot use with this pom-pom sweater. Looking back on her looks, Jess seems to have an infinite number of sweaters and dresses, and on a teacher's salary? Hmmm.
Jess also has quite a few ladylike cardigans in this mysterious wardrobe of hers. I had to include this outfit because she so expertly matches the cardigan to her sleeveless dress underneath.
Jess's accessories are always coordinated to a T as well. Her animal phone cases always give her look just enough silliness!
As I realized once I started making this list, the show is just packed with Jess's best looks. I'm sure I left out so many great sweaters and dresses; her style is just too cute. Even her pajamas are adorable and always coordinated.
@stargaze I got bangs after seeing that movie too! she rocks them so well
I adore her style since 500 Days of Summer. I even got a wispy bang because of her.
I feel like Jess and I have a really similar taste in clothes. I've even had that cellphone case before!
@Gavriella shorts over tights is my go to outfit in the spring when I want to go out!! It makes everything soooooo cute !
I love, love that she rocks the tights + shorts thing, because I'm always hesitant to do it
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