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For A Bigger Butt

Yeah, my glutes (along with other muscle groups) help me squat more weight, but I don't squat for a bigger butt.
By the way, genetics will still play a part in your butt growth with squats. I know strong ladies who are are at the gym every single day, and they lift heavy-ass weight. Their butt still doesn't look like Nicki Minaj's booty. And that's okay.

To Compete With Other Women

When I am at the gym, I am focused on my own strength. The girl next to me might be able to lift more than me, but I don't see her as a threat. She worked hard to get there. And I should work hard to reach my strongest self.

To Lose Weight

Because let's be honest, I eat burgers after lifting weight.
A 1lb burger with extra cheese, please.
Hold the lettuce.

To Make Men Feel Emasculated

I like to go into the weight section with a high ponytail, pink gym clothes, and eyeliner -- and then lift my body-weight off the ground.
I don't do it to make men feel emasculated. I do it to feel strong and awesome.
I once had a guy come up to me and tell me I shouldn't lift as much as I was, because I was lifting more than him. Can you believe him?!

To Look For A Boyfriend

As much as I like muscles, it ain't something that makes me swoon.
Show me your bachata skills and feed me -- then we can talk.

To Get Fit Enough To Look Good Naked

I think I already look great with my thigh chub and droopy parts. ;) ;)
Thank you very much!

There are so many reasons why I l workout -- these just aren't it!

"Show me your bachata skills and feed me" I just CACKLED ahahha
@alywoah the gifs are wayyyyy to perfect there!! i am holding in laugher. Hate that jerk in the gym that thought you shouldn't be lifting more then him. BYEEEE
@caricakes i am SO serious too lol
@lizarone yeah he was a jerk. but i guess he felt threatened!