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I’ve alway been a fan of ‘Once.' First, when the Indie movie came out, and then again when I got the soundtrack and I listened to it for a straight month.
But when they announced a musical version, I was a little iffy. And don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE musical fan. But the mix of the stage with the acoustic music just seemed a little weird.
And boy was I wrong. Though I haven’t seen the show live, the clips from the 2012 Tony Awards, and other show clips speak for themselves.
What makes this musical work is the musical’s use of instruments. The whole cast were required to know how to play an instrument, and perform them on stage. Something that I think makes the musical really unique. They dance with their instruments, play with them, and make them the entire center of the show. The music is integrated into every aspect of the plot.
And now the musical is on Tour and in Chicago. And it’s converting people who might not be into musicals, into musical lovers. My parents got to see Once and it easily converted my dad. (this was not an easy feat, as I’ve been trying to convert my dad for years.)
The clips from this production only make me want to see the show even more.
When they came on tour to my town, my sister (who is a huge fan of the movie) went to go see the musical all by herself. No regrets. She loved it so much.
@caricakes! You NEED to see it. It’s just like the most wonderful music movie. I guarantee you’ll listen to the soundtrack for weeks after.
Casually dropping in to see if @caricakes finally watched the movie :)
My boyfriend reminds me that I need to see this movie basically every day. I said I was going to see it before I went to Ireland and that didnt happen, and I still haven't! Maybe this is a sign from the musical gods that I need to finally at LEAST see the film (maybe this weekend? Check up on me and make sure I do it!)
Oh man, that sucks. I was under the assumption that all of you went together. That sucks
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