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After seeing @beywatch put up their Heisenberg-inspired drinks, I had to go out and find some other cool TV related beverages. Lo and behold, all of these Game of Thrones inspired cocktails. Try drinking them while playing one of the many GoT drinking games, and I'm sure you'll forget all about the Red Wedding.
Ingredients: - 50 ml of water - 50 ml of honey - 50 ml gin - 30 ml lemon juice - 30 ml of fresh orange juice - Ice For decoration: - Orange - Lemon Heat up honey and water on low heat till it comes to a boil then cool it. Take 30 ml of cold syrup, our into a shaker. Add the remaining ingredients, shake and pour.
Ingredients: - 20 ml grenadine - 100 ml of juice with mango - 70 ml white rum - Ice For decoration: - 100 g of sugar - 50 ml of date syrup - 20 ml of water Pour water, sugar and date syrup in a small saucepan. Heat on low heat until the mixture turns into a thick caramel. Hold out the glass upside down for a moment, then turn them up and leave it to fully solidify. Put a few ice cubes in a glass. Pour grenadine, then carefully using a teaspoon pour mango juice, so that you get two layers pretty layers. Top it off with rum.
Ingredients: - 100 ml tonic - 30 ml gin - 1 tablespoon lemon juice For decoration: - Fine sugar - Lemon juice Take sugar in a shallow dish, smear the edge of the glasses with a little lemon juice. Then turn the glass into the dish till the sugar sticks to the edges, leave to dry. In the meantime, take tonic, pour into a plastic container and put in the freezer. When the tonic is completely frozen, crush it with a spoon, and put it in a (chilled) martini glasses . Add lemon juice and gin.
Ingredients: - A drop of grenadine - 50 ml of clear, strong rum - A bit of spirit Pour into a glass alcohol and swirl it carefully so that the alcohol cover the walls, pour away the remaining alcohol. At the bottom of a glass, pour a drop of grenadine, complement rum. Kindle the glass for effects, blow and drink
Ingredients: - 40 ml strawberry syrup - 50 ml Blue Curacao liqueur - Approx. 100 ml Sprite - Ice Throw ice into a glass. Pour the strawberry syrup, then carefully pour a spoonful of Blue Curacao, in such a way as to create two distinct layers. Carefully complement with Sprite.
Ingredients: - 4 mint leaves - 4 basil leaves - 1 tablespoon sugar - 50 ml lime juice - 80 ml gin - Approx. 50-80 ml tonic - Ice For decoration: - Quartered limes - Mint leaves - Basil leaves Take basil, mint and sugar, thoroughly crushed. Add lime juice, gin and ice cubes. Shake it all and pour it into a glass. Complement it with Sprite. Garnish with lime particles and leaves of herbs.
Ingredients: - 1/3 teaspoon freshly grated ginger - 3 slices of orange - 15 ml lemon juice - 30 ml of Cointreau - 60 ml whiskey Put Ginger with orange into a shaker and thoroughly crush it. Add lemon juice, Cointreau and whiskey and shake it thoroughly. Pour it into a glass filled with ice cubes (better with whiskey stones) also use a strainer whilst pouring,
The Hear Me Roar cocktail looks like such a Game of Thrones drink. Except forget the date syrup. True GoT fans use the freshly drawn blood of our enemies. Word.
I just started GOT season 2. I'm so behind, but it's really good. love the photography in this card