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The "Queen of Hearts" dress is a Silvia Bours original design and so LA I can't stand it! LOL
If you don't live in LA, that's okay, but you should know that bridesmaids out here are not dressing according to catalog tradition. Not that there's anything wrong with chiffon empire gowns, the color of apricot... But there has been a strong shift to dressing to one's attitude and persona. Translated, that means that the look to wedding parties have gone from cardboard cutout to quirky and unique. It's about dressing in a way that is appropriate to both the occasion and the personality of the bride.
You don't have to be in LA to rock this cute dress either. But if you want to, plan on spending $780. Made of 100% silk (with 100% cotton liner), the dress features hand-embroidered hearts.
Similar to the dress above, this is the "Gummy Bear" version, made of the same materials as the "Queen of Hearts." Same price too.
What are your thoughts on dresses like these two for your bridesmaids? What about your mom or mother-in-law wearing something like this?! Yay or nay? I am sort of on this quiet mission to get moms and mothers-in-law to up their game in the wardrobe department for weddings. I think this would be totally okay. For another awesome mom dress, click here.