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The "Just Started" Stage - The drama (or episode) is fully subbed and you're about to embark on yet another K-Drama journey. Nothing matches the excitement of starting those first few episodes (let's be real, no one just watches one episode at a time). This stage is full of hope and eagerness.
The "Waiting" Stage - You're almost halfway in to the drama. Things are moving along but there are still many misunderstandings and the leads are likely struggling with their work and love lives. You are ready for the happy, "no problems" stage to kick in, and for the leads to finally get together.
The "Best Drama Ever" Stage - This happens towards the end of the drama. Right after the leads confess and right before last minute problems (amnesia, second lead, etc.) swoop in. The bittersweet stage where things are just right and you might be thinking this is the best drama ever!
The "Almost There" Stage - The drama is almost done...but not quite. It's never a happy ending without the unnecessary problem at the end first. One of the leads might leave the country, almost die, get amnesia and forget everything, or misunderstand something all over again. This stage might hit you in the feels, but you just want to finish the drama at this point.
The "Done with Drama" Stage - After all the problems and misunderstandings, the drama is finally done. You just finished 16 or 20 episodes, and you probably stayed up all night (or 2 nights in a row) to do it. Now, it's time to switch modes from K-Drama fan to normal human being. We've all been here!
@poojas I would recommend you What happens to my family it has 52 episodes worth watching it
@Ambie Haha alrighty, I will add that to my K-drama list then! Maybe you can make a card about it!! ^_^
@Ambie I actually watched the first 10 episodes of that drama...not sure why I stopped though...I really like the characters in that one. ^^
@poojas Finish it you wont be disappointed it has a happy ending btw make sure you buy tissues
It will be a while before I can finish it but I will let you know forsure @XiaoKaiTian! ^_^
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