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In a shocking turn of events, an arrest has been made for the murder of Josephine Baker, a young woman who had been camping in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains. Baker was 23, and had recently accepted her Master's degree in social work. The trip was in celebration of this event.
She was discovered by a troop of boy scouts whilst they were on a nature walk. The young men were distraught by her lifeless body, and the troop leader called for emergency services. She was pronounced dead at the scene by first responders.
Initially perplexed, the first responders determined that Baker had asphixiated due to a large concentration of nectar in her throat. They were initially unable to determine a cause for this.
However, an answer came to light after forensic scientists went through Baker's camera footage. One of the photos, pictured above, showcased the act of the murder. Baker had set a self-timer for a selfie with a mountain backdrop, when she was set upon by a malicious hummingbird.
The bird swooped in on Baker as she was lying down, posing for a serene photo. It pried her mouth open and began funnelling nectar into her open throat, blocking her airway and causing a limited flow of oxygen to her brain.
Authorities have located the culprit and an arrest has been made. The dimunitive killer is currently awaiting trial on a 10,000 pine cone bail.
Baker is remembered by two loving parents and a sister.
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