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Imagine finding your daughters diary, or listening in to her giggling with her friends during a sleepover. You want her to be happy, to talk about he cute boy across the classroom and how much she loves her best friends.
How would you feel if instead you found out your daughter hated her eyes? Or her arms? Or the way her nose curves up in the front. Your beautiful bundle of joy, your perfect child is already starting to hate herself. And I have some terrible, shocking news for you...
She learned that from you.
Now do not freak out. This is not your fault. If you read any of my other posts, especially the other Dove campaign post titled Do You Actually Know What You Look Like? you will see that hating your body has become the norm in our culture. The problem is we usually blame the other kids at school, social media and society at large.
However this Dove Legacy Campaign reveals to us that we are part of the problem. The way our beautiful mini me daughters view themselves begins with us. Even if you tell her she is beautiful every day (which I am sure you do), if you don't feel the same way about yourself they will feed on that.
Now more then ever, there is a reason to find your own self love. The cycle needs to be broken! Your children deserve to have more years of innocence!
So say what you love about yourself! Tell her you are so glad that she got your beautiful eyes and your strong legs because now she can climb the tallest trees. Love the parts of yourself that you hate so that your daughter won't have to look in the mirror and pick herself apart.
Just remember children are never born with hate in their hearts, they learn in.
@lizarnone True that about children not being born with hate in their heart. It is learned? Really a sad concept :(((
So sad that we are all not loving and kind to ourselves, but to "love the skin we are in"is a beautiful concept...
@MichaelLacovara I agree completely ! I'm hoping this body positive moment gets so big that my future kids don't have this problem! It might be a big dream but one could always hope