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The Green Day front man ranges in style from casual to dressy taking elements from punk pioneers past and infusing them with modern tuxedo. He's definitely an icon among rock fans and here's how to get his signature look and make it wearable.
Billie loves a good baseball T. This is a translatable look for women as well. Pair a plain baseball T with a denim vest, skinny jeans and Chuck Taylor's for a sensible, casual Billie inspired look.
Another look Billie loves is the classic black and white striped-T. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have at least 10 variations of this. Black skinny jeans and a stripped T is a classic and chic look. Billie goes rock and roll with it by pairing it with Creeper shoes by TUK which are a comfortable flatform shoe for men and women.
In this ad for a rock and roll collection by designer John Varvatos, Billie and the rest of Green Day are decked out in pretty rad rock and roll fare. Military inspired anything pops up on rock stars almost as frequently as eyeliner. I have several military jackets that I acquired during the Black Parade craze in middle school and still wear them to this day. You can pair them with white T's and chucks/flats for a casual look or dress them up with a button down underneath and a big statement necklace.
For men, the biggest pro is just having one of these jackets.
The black shirt and red tie is Billie's signature look. This is a great option for men who are attending something semi-casual. Women can achieve this look with the right fit and possibly substituting the tie for a scarf or ascot. It's really all in the fit. Pair with an overcoat for a more formal event.
Oh, and don't forget the thick, black eyeliner!
@TessStevens Are you recording on separate tracks? Your vocals seem really faint behind the guitar. It sounds a bit like if a church were to amplify the instruments in the worship band but not give the singer a microphone.
You are seriously talented, and I am so enjoying your work. Can I give a touch of constructive criticism?
Most of the rough demos are on one track, just for lack of resource lol. I don't have my recording stuff, like a separate mic with me. And most of the time when I do my first demos It's easier to sing and play at the same time lol. Thank you for listening to the music! I agree, def need to record on separate tracks and boost the vocals. :)