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@lilstephsmail25 Maybe he doesn't even realize that's what he's doing....sometimes people just try to destroy things bc they're scared or worried about something else....it'll be hard but maybe try to ask him!!! Good luck!!!
@lilstephsmail25 a little bit of space is good for the soul
@ChristinaBryce claims he wants to just start everything from scratch starting as friends than try and get back into a relationship but he's being emotionally bipolar about everything I'm starting to get the feeling he wants us to fail
I'm a married woman and I fell for my best friend. so much that I had to cut him off. I realised that I made a mistake because I just can't find another friend like him, but after all the apologies and begging and pleading, he is still not talking to me.It's now at a point where his number is no longer working and I'm worried. There is no problem with my marriage but everyone needs that friend. I miss him much!
a little late but I'm here
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