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Sir Francis Drake, vice admiral was an English sea captain, privateer, navigator, slaver, and politician of the Elizabethan era. Here are some facts about Drake: • He sailed round the world in a small ship that was originally called the Pelican, but re-named the Golden Hind. • He was a distant relative of Sir Walter Raleigh and the cousin of John Hawkins. • He became a privateer (the Spanish called him a pirate) working on behalf of Queen Elizabeth I attacking Spanish treasure ships. • In 1577 Queen Elizabeth selected him to be the head of an expedition to search for new trade routes. A voyage that would take 3 years, in which he would sail around the world. • In 1579 he stopped near the present-day San Francisco to repair the Golden Hind. He claimed the land for for England which he called New Albion. • April, 1581: He was knighted "Sir Francis Drake" on board the Golden Hind by Queen Elizabeth. • Francis Drake was appointed Vice Admiral of the navy. On August 8, 1588: The English Navy destroyed the Spanish Armada. • January 28, 1596: Sir Francis Drake died on board his ship of Yellow Fever aged 55. He was buried at sea in a lead coffin off Puerto Bello.
@suranimh you're very welcome, I actually don't admire him, but he is part of England's history and did some important things. Pretty interesting character, I'll say that. :)
how interesting! thanks for d update, sure admire Sir Francis Drake.