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Here's the story behind this shot. There was a HUGE crowd trying to get a view of the palace, everyone is moving along so that others may get a chance at the center or near the fence. So we all create a 2 way pathway, some were moving left to right and others right to left, the guards get upset and they feel like they need to get the situation under control. They quickly start screaming at people and telling everyone to go right and to keep moving, without stopping. So the moment arose, when I walked by the gate, it seemed clear enough, so I took the shot. It just so happened, an Asian tourist decided to snap a photo of her companion at the gate, the police woman noticed this, and immediately got upset. While galloping on her horse towards the gate, almost right behind me, she screams at the top of her lungs, "OI, don't stop to take photos!". That was probably the icing on the cake, which made this shot a good "Kodak" moment.