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When we are together, My world is complete. I see that I made mistakes in my life, but there was a reason for that. That reason was to be prepared for you because it takes two to tango and baby you can dance. I see why you always hold me tight when we cuddle. Your heart is pure love and unselfishness, you want to give it all to me and let other see what they are missing. Girl, I also see why you motivate me everyday I'm with you. You have great intentions and my best interest. Well baby, I love you for that and I wrote something for you to express my gratitude towards you: I remember our first kiss, it was like fireworks when I touched your lips So much chemistry was there that it would take a chemist to figure out in 10 years what we created in 20 seconds When you look in my eyes, I felt what you felt and I wanted more of it I was hot as a oven after we locked lips, for you sweet lips gave me a taste of your hot and fiery passion that I've never felt before For the first time, I was addicted to something that I was afraid of and that was you baby I can feel the flame that I lit within your soft hands, for as you warm me up from a cold world I can't resist you and I will alway want you with me because you will be my heaven for the hell we live in
chemistry mentally and physically great combination
It's great that you've found someone that motivates you to be you, and to be the best you!! I think that's what we all really need.