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The wild bloom hair crown was the queen of bridal hair accessory last year. It made the headlines on popular wedding blogs and fashion sites which made a good number of brides (or non-brides) longing to put one on their own hair. Yes, you guess it. The was influence by the boho-chic, rustic wedding theme. Floral crown may be taking over the bridal world at the moment but forget about the other headpieces that are just as stunning!
Heirloom hair accessory are currently on the rise. Heirloom simply means timelessness. Percy Handmade bridal pieces are exactly the accessory you'll want to pass on to generation after generation. One of my favorite is the Jasmine floral bridal headpiece (pictured above). The versatile hair adornment is suitable to wrap around a low bun, wear on the side or style on half-up/down hairstyle.
Hair comb has been around for ages and this hairpiece can create a breathtaking look if you plan intentionally. Materials such as tear drop crystal go hand in hand with lace and chiffon. Featured above (left): Rhea Crystal Bridal Hair Comb.
Photographer: Jemma Keech
Statement headpiece can be whimsical and romantic. Pictured above are headpieces from Twigs and Honey. The craftsmanship of this brand is pure awesome. You can tell each piece made with extreme detail and beautiful materials.
Model: Amanda | Photographer: Elizabeth Messina
Hair pin is an inexpensive way to make a low bun look glamorous. While gems and crystals create sparkling effect, pearls are sophisticated and exquisite. Featured above is the Blush Bridal Hair Pins from Percy Handmade's Fleurette collection.
An accessory that can pass as both a headpiece and bracelet is a sure winner. Bride La Boheme's Corinne Floral Bridal Headpiece is a hair chain that drapes beautifully on an relaxed bridal updo. The design features two floral arrangements on opposite ends, ensuring brides will look their best in every angle.
Photographer: Loft Photography
Stunning pictures. Loving the gold Twigs and Honey statement pieces! Gorgeous
I personally like all the pieces because it works for any occasion
The headpieces are gorgeous especially the floral chain. It's spunky and romantic.