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As a recent college grad I want to assert my independence. I want to make sure my employers want to hire me, my friends want to talk to me and people want to love me. I want to do these things on my own so I can succeed.
Our minds can warp and make us believe asking for help is a sign of weakness. We think lesser of ourselves if we ask others for help. We feel like we're not as smart or as independent but quite frankly it makes us more-so.
Sometimes, doing things on your own isn't possible. Sometimes we need help.
Great leaders and thinkers appear to have done it on their own, but they didn't. They had families, teachers, people who cared.
The President wouldn't have been elected without the support of the people. The Beatles wouldn't have reached number one without their fans. LeBron James wouldn't have won game 3 of the NBA finals without his team.
We wouldn't have learned anything in school without teachers. We wouldn't have gotten to college without support from our families and we wouldn't have survived it without our friends.
The reality is that we are nothing without the help and support of those who came before us. Our families, friends and those we work with help shape who we are, what we do and how we do things. Identity comes from camaraderie.
My mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother and cousin have all helped me through trying and dark times. My friends too. They offer me something that my brain can't possibly comprehend: uncompromising positivity and support.
Though we all have our moments of chaos and clashing with our loved ones, they ultimately provide us with help of all kinds, and the tools to succeed on our own.
I can't speak to everyone's experience, but in mine asking for help is hard. Sometimes it's impossible, but if we have the people in our lives that enforce positive change it's a crime not to utilize them.
In fact, it's just stupid.
Putting your pride aside to ask for help just might change or save your life. So the next time you're stuck, hurting or just confused...don't be a jerk, just ask for help.
I totally agree! But also, be sure you're asking for help the right way. Ask in a way that says 'please help me so I can do this myself next time" instead of "help me, I'm helpless"
@galinda you are absolutely right!