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Bowl Your Way to a Balanced Meal
How many of us actually have the time to cook everyday and put together a nourishing meal?
I'll raise my hand first. I don't. I'm also in a time cruch. If anything I spend more time running around than sitting down to enjoy a meal. The is life. While I love food and cooking I don't have the energy to make a fancy meal everyday. Last month, I found a secret to eating well.
It's called The Anatomy of a Bowl.
Or the seven components to building a healthy bowl. It's kind of like a power salad recipe. You toss one ingredient under each food category and your meal is created. I've been preparing this beforehand and storing them in a tightly-sealed tupperware. Once I arrive home all I need to do is throw in the sauce and enjoy the meal. Honestly, I don't use all seven components. There's no commitment and it's fully customizable.
Try it out yourself!
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I love this breakdown! Especially because throwing everything in one bowl means less to clean up :)
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I love bowls like this. One of my go-to bowls is brown rice, brussels sprouts, tempeh, kale, garlic, and creamy, gingery, garlicy, mustard sauce I usually make at home.
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Most times I can even stop at step four if the tofu is seasoned well :)
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