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Our hike to Treasure Falls began on a beautiful Summer day in Colorado!! This was Hailey's first hike ever!!! It is a pretty simple trail moderately easy, our 2 and 4 year old boys were able to do it. (holding grandma's hand because the top is slippery)
Our dogs; Max and Tank!! Also first time hikers!!
Once you reach the top there is a gorgeous view!!!
Oh yeah he is kind of cute too lol!!
After our hike we enjoyed some fishing!!
What an awesome family vacation!! Seriously if Colorado isn't on your bucket list I would add it pronto!!
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Woahhhh looks fun!!! :D Can I come next time, hahaha!!
For sure @onesmile!!!
Thank you for taking your kids hiking and knowing it's totally fine! Too many parents are like "kids shouldn't be hiking so young" but I think if you're smart about it you can take them out! Looks like you all had sooo much fun :)
Hey another Colorado native! Have you tried hiking up the steps to the Cabrini Shrine?