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"He's a human! You're a mermaid!" "I don't care!"
Now this is something great about the love that Ariel has for Eric! (We'll ignore the whole they don't know each other thing for the sake of this card, ok?)
Here's what's important: she doesn't care about the stereotypes and things people have said about Eric...she loves him anyways! While you can debate whether or not a mermaid and a human man can be together all you want, let's say this: maybe in another world she was a rich girl, he was a poor boy. She doesn't care. She doesn't care!
She loves him for him, not for what he is, and that's beautiful.

So remember this: stand up for those you love. Don't let unimportant differences, no matter how much other people care about them, keep you apart!!!

@nicolejb They are a really weird (but cute!) couple!! @ChristinaBryce Yeahhhh but we can forgive him, right?
Little Mermaid is probably my favorite Disney movie (though I could be biased because I’m a redhead). But also Prince Erick and Ariel are such a weird couple. I love it.
she's my fav Disney character because it so cute how she likes him for him .o(^▽^)o
Prince Eric was (in my opinion) kind of schmuck though?? He was all "you're not the girl I'm waiting for but hey for now"!!!
@shamekiawells13 It really is cute :)