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"Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it!"
Read this: don't let anyone else decide who you can love, or what you can do. The only person who can truly uncover your fate and what you are capable of is you, so get to it!!
Be brave. Be strong. Follow your dreams, and follow your heart. You'll get hurt. You'll get bruised. But you'll also learn a lot about yourself and about the world that will lead you to discover everyone you're meant to love, and everything you're meant to be!!!!
I used to think (rather made to think) I was a bad person for not having met expectations, but I've come to learn that this who do are a sad bunch. if I had lived like that I would never have become the person I enjoy being today. I'm free and I'm happy ;D
@TerrecaRiley That's awesome!! Hopefully everyone can learn this someday :)
@ChristinaBryce GO! Right now! Watch!
Is it horrible that I haven't watched this yet....