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You remember this oven, right? All the times that I watched Spy Kids, the one gadget of theirs that I thought I wanted more than anything else was this awesome 3D microwave oven.
I mean, who wouldn't want to be able to whip up pretty much anything in a matter of seconds?! Sure, I don't want to think too much about all the nasty ingredients, lasers, and other things probably had to go into the creation of this, but hey, it is still pretty cool.

And now: it's real! Well, sort of.

San Francisco based June Oven has created an oven that judges when to stop cooking your food, when to turn down the temperature and more all while being able to control the oven via app, and I think it's pretty cool.
Now, it might not cook things at lightning speed like the Spy Kids microwave, but it's one step closer than my oven (which burns literally everything, likely due to the unidentifiable mass of black goo in the back of it, but that's a story for another day).
Inside the oven, there is an HD camera, which allows the food to be ID'd and monitored, and there's also some smart algorithms and a built-in scale. The oven only knows a few words for now, but will learn more over the wi-fi enabled device, which you can monitor from your phone.
The app is pretty much a remote for this fancy oven, making this pretty much a fancy accessory you can play with, Spy Kids style. As long as Juni doesn't break it!!!
Oh, did I mention it's crazy expensive? If you pre-order to get your oven in spring 2016, it'll only cost you $1,495. After that, it'll be $2,995.
I will wait for the day I can actually have this Spy Kids microwave, I suppose!
What I really want to exist is the Star Trek food replicator. Making ice cream out of nothing is definitely my style. But this is definitely a cool development in that direction!
The day that I can have french fries pop out of a packet at the press of a button will be a beautiful day. This is pretty cool for the time being though!
It's expensive either way, but that's a hell of a presale discount percentage-wise!