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One of my friend is getting married this weekend and this inspired me to put together a visual presentation on reusing a dress for different special occasions. I was in a rush, so i didn't blend the the background too well but you get the style point!

How do you reuse a dress for three different weddings?

1. Layer on a blazer.
This style is suitable for morning weddings and end of summer weddings where the weather is a bit cooler.
2. Throw on a maxi skirt.
This might sound funny but I've done this many times with thin fabric and body hugging dresses. You just have to play with the proportion and fit!
3. Accessorize with statement necklace and a pair of cute shoes.
The simplest way to style a dress.
Where to find the products above: The second and third necklaces are from J.Crew and the rest of the items are from H&M.
Totally do this! I just get one of those basic dresses from Forever21 for like $10 and then wear it with everything! Heels makes it fancier, a jean jacket makes it good for the average day, and it totally doesnt even wrinkle!
I'm really guilty of using the same dress like this!! As a dress, as a skirt (with a shirt over it) and layered up. It's really helpful when I don't want to wash laundry/think too hard/etc etc