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Here's the statistics that matter:
- 57% majority of Americans now favor allowing same-sex marriage and 39% oppose
- 65% of Democrats and an identical percentage of independents favor gay marriage; only about one third (34%) of Republicans do so
- 88% of Americans know someone who is gay or lesbian, with 28% saying they know “a lot” of gays or lesbians
- 72% Say Legal Recognition is ‘Inevitable’
This last number, 72%, hasn't changed much from last year, but is up from 59% in 2004, marking the huge change that has happened over the last 11 years.
What do you think of this number? Even though on 57% support same sex marriage, 72% know that it is inevitable for legalization. I believe people who are opposed to gay marriage know that at this point it's very likely going to be nationwide soon, but feel morally obligated to dig their heels in and draw it out, which seems a bit, well, foolish to me.
Haven't we known for decades that, eventually, this would happen? I'm excited for the day when this because a silly piece of American history: the time before we wised up and legalized everything.
Because people need something to talk about? IDK I just hope it's all legalized soon so EVERYONE can marry and love who they want to, screw gender binaries and rules!!
I checked the link as well, and 50 some percent OF SUPPORTERS only find it to be a "semi important" issue, whereas 30% find it to be very important....the act i sthat even those who support it in name do so very inactively.