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Ever wanted to go to a dude ranch? Ever wanted to go to one where the cannabis is included, no, planned for? I thought you might say yes.
Meet Durango's 170-acre CannaCamp. The location looks pretty much like any other dude ranch. You sleep in rustic cabins. You do outdoor activities (though horseback riding is notably absent, so I am not sure I should be calling it a dude ranch). You get red 3 meals a day.
And then, you enjoy some cannabis. Included in this all-inclusive trip are some 'special' activities:
- Wake + Bake Breakfast
- THC Fusion Cooking Class, which teaches you how to safely and responsibly infuse meals with THC and CBD
- Cannabis Education Classes
- Cannabis Yoga (consume small amounts of cannabis before doing some uninhibited
- Canvas & Cannabis (consume some, and get painting!)
- Cannabis-Infused Massage Therapy
- Cannabis Pairing Dinners
- 4:20 Community Hour
(Oh, and some people are complaining about how expensive it is as it's between $395 and $449 a night, per person, but I did some research and this is pretty comparable to many all inclusive ranch experiences, so forget that).
That's allot when you can wake and bake in a tent in the woods. But I guess if I had it I'd be right there.
Yeah, I don't think I could handle working here.
I was wondering when someone was going to come up with something like this. It seems like a pretty solid experience, even without the Marijuana. Gonna have to look into this for the future.
So interesting! I know that Colorado’s tourism is booming now because of the legalization of marijuana. I saw that they have Canna-bus (get it?) travel buses, but this dude ranch is really the full experience.