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It's a practice that many computer users follow: clearing their browsing history every once and a while. The reasons to do it are totally varied: to make what you were doing not as obvious, to free up space, to start fresh, to get some programs working, and more.
One man, however, is facing serious charges. Why? Because he cleared his browsing history. Well, it's not quite that simple. Khairullozhon Matanov, a former taxi driver, is being charged for clearing browsing history pieces that were related to the Boston bombings, among other things. He's not being charged for knowing about these things, but for erasing things related to those who committed the act from his history.

So, can you really be charged for clearing your browsing history?

Well, yes. You can. Depending on the circumstances. Typically, it's when you selectively clear history related to a crime or event, as this can then be considered to be destroying evidence. Occasionally, a normal browsing history clear might clear these more specific things and thus cause a problem, even if it wasn't cleared to hide anything.
But I'm not saying you should. There's a lot of disagreements about whether or not unknowingly deleting evidence by clearing your browsing history can really be charged or not, even though this has been used in court, it may not be right.
Either way, you might want to set up your browser to automatically delete. You know, just in case.
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this is kind of terrifying
Nice Post.
This actually makes a lot of sense. I think (especially with our use of social media) we have this “Why hide something unless you have something to hide?” mentality.