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See these scrambled eggs? They look delicious, right?
Well, what if I told you these weren't actually eggs at all, but instead, a 100% plant-based product that tasted like eggs, looked like eggs, and could be used for any scramble, omelet, or even quiche of your choosing?
Introducing the latest product from Hampton Creek (the company behind Just Mayo and Just Cookies), Just Scramble - a vegan alternative egg product to be released nationwide this November.
This is huge! Not only for vegans, but for Americans with specific food allergies, as eggs are among the top 8 most common food allergies among today's population.
Above is celebrity chef Jose Andres, who was among the first to sample the product and took to social media to share his thoughts: "Not everyday you see something that blows your mind away!"
I am so excited for all the revolutionary products coming out for those of us with vegan and vegetarian diets. Hampton Creek has become one of the fastest growing food companies in the past couple years, largely due to the success of their eggless mayo, Just Mayo, and I am greatly anticipating not only Just Scramble, but all the other plant-based options that will be made available through their effort.
Just Scramble won't be released until November, but you will be able to find it in most major supermarket chains, including Costco, who already carries the company's Just Mayo and Just Cookies products (at a fabulous price point, might I add).
In the meantime, you can countdown with the rest of us on the official Hampton Creek Facebook page.
So exciting! And to think I was considering incorporating eggs back into my diet. NOPE!
Honestly, the fact that eggs are a huge source of my daily protein is something that has stopped me from becoming vegan before. I hope this product actually tastes good since the other eggless egg options sort of gross me out.
I'm def going to check it out because it sounds and looks pretty amazing. I'm all the way SOLD! @danidee
@jordanhamilton You should look up what the people who've reviewed it thus far have done with it. Egg sandwiches, omelets - they even threw it in fried rice. SO COOL.
@caricakes I'm interested to see the nutrition facts/ingredients list for this one. I wonder if the protein content is comparable to regular eggs and whether or not it's soy-based. That could definitely influence how well it will sell and how wide their customer reach will be.