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We've all had that moment in the morning where we want to look put together, but not too conservative. We want to wear a dress, but not look like we are headed to a business meeting or we want to wear that button down, but not look too stuffy.

Don't stress it.

The great thing about keeping your look casual is you can always brighten it up with a little bit of makeup.

Whether it be a pop of color on your lips, your nails or eyelids -- makeup is always there to save the day.

A pop of color on your lips evens out your look without having your lips be a distraction.

A little bit of color can make all the change. That a-line dress you had on pre-pop of color made you look like 'Plane Jane'. Thanks to a little power of lipstick, you've quickly transformed into 'Jane'.

Play around with different shades.

A vibrant eye shadow can also create the look your going for without over doing it. You can go from drab to fab within a matter of minutes and a quick blend of colors.

Not much of an eye shadow person?

Don't trip, a pop of eyeliner serves the same purpose, and this whole time you thought black was the only color they offered in eyeliners. Several cosmetic brands offer bright color eyeliners that will make not just your eyes pop, but your entire look.

Don't forget your nails!

You don't have to go over board, but a simple pop of color on your nails will brighten up any day and put some life into that crisp white button down you're wearing -- that was more so wearing you.
YES! It def pops & I'm sure urban has some. I know for a fact that sephora has their own brand of glitter eyeliners & they're pretty amazing. I had the gold, but I didn't use it faithfully & it ended up drying out @danidee
That glitter eyeliner is CRAZY cool! I'm trying to figure out who makes it. Maybe it's Urban Decay?