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Poppy Delevingne, 29, has been in the fashion spotlight for years as a socialite and model. Her sister, 22 year old Cara Delevingne stepped into the fashion scene in recent years, blowing her sister out of the limelight. Cara's sporty-cool style is emblematic of the "model off-duty" phenomenon, while her sister brings a certain funkiness to a more prim and girly style. The two brit sisters are both street style superstars in their own way. Let's see them go head to head!
They both do casual so well, though Poppy's style is more classic and girly, while Cara has a DGAF attitude that lends toward bolder style choices.
Look 1
Case in point: would this snap be half as cool if Cara weren't in this pose? She often uses her sense of humor as her best fashion accessory, and we're into it. Her loud personality makes that beanie in the summer look work.
Look 1
On the other side, Poppy is always calm and collected. She always looks like she spent time putting herself together, and it pays off, but this is the opposite of Cara's ethos.
Look 2
The casual rocker look. Cara's trademark sneakers match her hoodie and leather jacket combo, and look super casual, but it works. The bandana tied around her head remind us that Cara knows what she's doing, and knows she looks good in this half-assed hotness kind of way.
Look 2
Poppy's version of the casual rocker look is the most dressed down I think I've ever seen her, but she still keeps the look streamlined with a tee tucked into her skinny jeans and a necklace to dress up the whole outfit. The black boots are slouchy enough without looking sloppy, and her perfectly straight blonde hair falling out of the hood remind us that she, too, knows exactly what she's doing.
Look 3
Breezy in white. Cara's straightened hair gives this look just a touch of femininity, but the sneakers and beanie speak for themselves. Her white tank shows just a peak of skin to show off her figure and maintain some sex appeal. The shades hanging from her tank serve the role of jewelry, in Cara's way.
Look 3
Poppy's easy-breezy white look actually looks like she spent quite a bit of time putting herself together, but I'm not complaining. Her tousled hair looks magically touched up, and those heels elevate the whole outfit. Those shades, too...
Look 4
Fashion week polish. Cara is dressed up (in her own way) in this sexed-up suit (courtesy of her bare midriff), with a fashion-forward hat, but her unlaced boots tell us that above all, Cara rocks the "only half trying" style, even when all cameras are on her.
Look 4
Poppy's version is much girlier with the feathery skirt, but funky enough with the print and bright clutch to attract those weird outfit loving cameras. Her sweater tells us she's sporty, but we don't totally buy it. That's ok because she still looks awesome. Anyone else seriously envious of Poppy's sunglasses collection?
Sick prints: Cara straight up dominated this look recently, matching print but clashing color, all while exposing just enough skin with her sporty bra top to make it sexy.
More sick prints! Poppy wears loud prints in the form of ruffled dresses, unlike her sister who shies away from dresses altogether.
Two London girls with such different styles: Poppy brings a slight rocker edge to ladylike pieces with her scull scarf and cut-offs, while Cara embodies that "just rolled out of bed but I look good anyway" rocker chic. Conclusion: there is no one winner but two, with VERY different but nailed-down street styles.
@galinda that's the dream!
I am so obsessed with Cara, but I would love to be the perfect mix of Cara/Poppy fashion.