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Yesterday was the train ride from Hell.
I doubt everyone reading this is from NYC so let me just sum up a typical train ride during rush hour.
Every single person rushing to get on the same train because god forbid they wait an extra 5 minutes for the next one.
So pretty much once you're jammed into any spot on the super hot train (standing of course), you have to find anywhere to hold on. My choice was just bracing myself against the ceiling. Of course my other hand was used to guard my bag because if someone even tried to steal my stuff I wouldn't even have enough room to punch them in the face.
So that my my ride for the first 20 minutes. Feeling like cattle going off to the slaughter and focusing a little too much on the fact that I was breathing everyone else's germs, I prayed to everything that the train wouldn't get stuck.
I would honestly just have to end it all at that point. Especially because some jerk got on the train and shouted at everyone that "he was fitting on this train no matter what!", while nearly piggybacking the poor old lady in front of him. It took 3 tries for the doors to close.
But thankfully the train kept on chugging along and I actually managed to slide into a seat!!
In order to slide into that seat, I had to first pick up a book that was left behind. Not usual, but if it seemed interesting it would be a plus for me since I have been on the hunt for a new book. However, after focusing my oxygen depleted brain for a few seconds, I realized that the book was actually left there on purpose.
The book, this one entitled Saint Mazie, is part of a new reading campaign by the city called Books on the Subway!
The main point is to celebrate the travelers who spend their hours on the train reading. The rules are stumble upon a book, read it, tweet where you found it using #booksonthesubway, and then leave it on any train when you're finished!
It is an amazing way to get people reading and its absolutely free! And the book I found is not only a New York Times Best Seller but it is also hardcover. That's a $25 book I get to read for free.
And as long as people aren't greedy and return the books back to the subway I bet even more will start to circulate.
So the moral of this tale of rush hour trains is that even though the actual train was a nightmare, I was lucky to be on it! If I didn't get sandwiched between those two, extremely sweaty people, I never would have discovered this awesome campaign.
So there is a sliver lining to every story. You just have to push past all the B.S. to find it.
They even have an Urban Baby Campaign giving toddlers books to look at! I mean come on, how adorable is that!
My friend is heading out the NYC next weekend! I'm going to tell her to keep an eye out ;)
Amazing! I need a new book in my life. About to ride every train to find one.
I want this to happen to me. Though it would be tempting to just keep the book.