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We all know Superman from comic books and movies, but now the world gets to meet Supergirl. I've never been one for comic books, so you'll have to excuse me if I get some of this jargon wrong.
The upcoming superhero drama surrounds Superman's cousin, Supergirl, one of the last surviving Kryptonians (??????). She's been hiding her powers for the majority of her life, finally deciding to use them to defend us mere earthlings.
The plot of this new drama is not what excites me most, instead it's the awesome feminist messages that I hope it will send! We all know Catwoman, Black Widow and a couple of other female superheroes, but there are not many that we see in TV or movies on a consistent basis. When we do see them on the big or small screen, most conversation surrounds the actresses playing them or the costumes they're wearing.
I think the show's writing and most importantly, the character development of Supergirl herself, have the power to send an empowering message to women everywhere. The superhero, world-saving genre is dominated by men, and it's time that a woman steps in and plays the role in a strong way that showcases more than just her looks.
Melissa Benoist, the woman cast as Supergirl, has a big role to fill as the show premieres this October. I'm confident that she can handle the job, knowing that she's got plenty of women fighting for her to portray a strong, complex super-heroine in the male-dominated genre.
@shannon15 Yeah, I've learned that you can't really judge how a television show pans out by its pilot alone. There's a lot of shows I can think of where I didn't love the pilot, but the show ended up being fantastic, and vice versa. It really depends on the writing team, to me.
@beywatch I saw thr pilot when it leaked. Spoiler-free version: There were some things I liked and some things I didn't but overall I think we'll have to wait and see how the full season develops.
@beywatch - same, I think it all depends on how it's written and acted, but hoping for the best! it could be awesome.
I'm going to have to watch this pilot when it comes out. I feel like this could be awesome or go COMPLETELY wrong!
Some people were critical of the trailer because they felt like it resembled the SNL Black Widow movie spoof: I felt like the tone of the Supergirl trailer really reflects what the character is though. There's nothing wrong with having a girly superhero.