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You probably remember him from The Walking Dead, so it's really exciting to hear that Jon Bernthal will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Daredevil (which will be streaming on Netflox next year).
According to Bernthl will be playing The Punisher, an antihero character determined to stop crime in Hells Kitchen, no matter the cost. The character has often been a foil for Daredevil, playing an antagonist willing to break the rules for 'the greater good', while Daredevil (aka Matt Murdock) does not believe that the ends justify the means. The inclusion of The Punisher character seems like an excellent move for the show's second season. It will give Matt a lot more internal conflict, and might even force him ti face some of the consequences of his actions in season one. Plus, just imagine the fight scenes between the two of them. I bet that fight choreography is gonna be fantastic.