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Growing up, NWA was my favorite hip-hop group. But as a young human, I was too afraid to admit it to my peers because I grew up in a small suburban town on the East coast.
I loved their attitude and their swagger. I always felt like I stuck out when I was at school and for some reason, West Coast Gangsta Rap made me feel more confident in who I was.
That being said, I am so excited to watch this movie. It hits me right in the nostalgia part in my brain. Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think.
I'm really pumped for this movie to come out -- if you couldn't already tell -- not just for the reason that it's about one of my all-time favorite groups, but also because I like seeing these "bio-pics" revolve around musicians. I can't wait to see the stories behind all the songs I grew up loving.
Any other '90s kids here? Are you guys pumped this as much as I am?
I'm sorta wary - Notorious was so bad that I feel like it's kinda a dangerous game. Music should be good, if nothing else
@jeff4122, I think that's where my bias comes from a little bit. I was so into NWA growing up, so I think it's purely acting on nostalgia. I hope your wrong, though... hahaha