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This slip-on shoe style is having a major style resurgence this summer! Whether you're looking for comfortable flats or sky-high stilettos, there are so many interpretations of mules available to you! Mules look super sleek and are comfortable if you get a thicker (and lower!) heel or wedge, but don't mistake these for walking shoes! Check out my picks below.
Style 1: the flat mule.
Get the look here and here. Flat mules are the easiest to wear all day long for obvious reasons, and dress up straight leg pants or skinny jeans. The more traditional mule style will have a tiny heel even in the flat style like in the above pictures, but you can also find totally flat shoes hiding under the mule umbrella.
Style 2: the thick-heeled mule.
Get the look here, here, and here. This is the most prolific style this summer, and the chunky heel almost makes them comfortable! Whether they're closed or open toes, it's a great look for the summer to give a sundress an unexpected twist or to make a work outfit super stylish.
Style 3: the mule wedge.
Get the look here and here. By far the comfiest heel, mule wedges aren't hard to find, and often have platforms as well, making the sky high heel a little more doable. Pick a wooden wedge or a nude leather to make them even more summery, but you can't really go wrong with this look.
Style 4: the stiletto mule.
Get the look here and here. The stiletto mule has graced the red carpet recently by many a celebrity, being the dressiest mule option, and obviously the most dainty. The thicker strap is most true to the mule style, and takes some of the sweetness out of the girly stiletto.
Style 5: the strappy mule.
Get the look here and here. Another popular choice to pair with formalwear, the strappy mule is also the furthest deviation from the original mule style. It more closely resembles any strappy sandal, but without ankle straps. If you can't slide your feet in and out with one quick motion, is it really a mule? I say no.
Style 6: the quirky heel mule.
Get the look here and here. This just goes to show how many variations of the mule have been created recently, and how crazy the style can get! If you want to go with the trend but not look like everyone and their mother, go for a quirkier style.