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Looks like the production team for Jurassic world spared no expense in their decoration for the Jurassic World premiere! This is a photo of the the world premiere in LA. Let's just hope that there's no hungry dinos lurking behind that entryway.
Omg. Burt Macklin FBI versus man-eating raptors. Go go go go.
It could just be Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer as a patron of the park and I'd still watch it. (Actually, I'd probably watch it harder.)
I feel like, even if this movie's plot line is terrible, it's Chris Pratt + dinosaurs, so I won't be TOO letdown.
Oh man, that's awesome. I also wish I could be tight with Retta like that. Or Pratt. Or any of them, really.
SO CRAZY. I saw that my homegirl Retta aka Donna from Parks & Rec even attended. It's cool to see how tight she is with Chris Pratt. Wish I could've been her +1 though.