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Ten is a lot of people for one band.
And maybe it's too many in most cases. But Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes aren't really a band at all, so much as they appear to be a group of great friends who enjoy banging on things that make tonal sounds. None of them are named Edward Sharpe (the lead singer's name is Alex Ebert), and I have no idea what a magnetic zero is. But what I do know is that they know how to have fun with their music.
Here they are in 2009 playing perhaps the strangest Tiny Desk Concert of all. It's part of an NPR-hosted series where artists are invited into an office to play. Usually it's one or two musicians, sometimes as many as four; Edward Sharpe, though, hardly fit in the room. It's a crowded, bearded, jamming, hectic, wonderful mess. They're playing three of their best songs (you'll certainly recognize "Home," the second on the setlist) and it comes off great.
The group plays lots of shows this summer all across the country, including a free benefit show in Brooklyn's Prospect Park in early August. Definitely worth checking out - it's great summer music!
The second I read "Edward Sharpe" I hear the whistling from 'Home' start up in my head...
Haha not at all. My reaction would be more like...”take me to the leader of your cult so I can join."
I want to be in that room with them so baaaaaaaad.
That Tiny Desk Concert is amazing!!!
I always think Edward Sharpe is such a weird band. Listening to his vocals, you'd have no idea that Alex is the same guy who fronted Ima Robot. Alsooooooooo, it's weird that Jade isn't in the band anymore considering the size of her part in their most popular single. Does he just sing it by himself?
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