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Can Black Widow fans settle for fanart?

I already made a post detailing the efforts of fans to demand more merchandise for their favorite character, Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow. But it's not just about t-shirts and action figures. Fans want a movie. Like, yesterday. While it seems like there's a lot if demand from hardcore fans, the studio doesn't seem willing to even consider a solo film for the character, seeing it as too much of a risk (apparently they were willing to take a risk on the almost universally panned Incredible Hulk film, but not one starring a female hero). Artists have been stepping up, creating amazing fanworks to celebrate their love for the character. But how long will fans be willing to settle for unofficial fanart? Won't they eventually give up?
Christopher Haley made this amazing trailer as part of his After Effects final project. The details are absolutely incredible. He inckudes characters that have nit been seen yet in the MCU (Yelena Belova and Alexi Shostakov, two antagonists from the comics), and also ties in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television show, which Marvel should REALLY take note of. One of the weaknesses of the show is the fact that the characters (sometimes) feel the effects of big events in the movies, but it doesn't seem to go the other way.
Vidder ElinorX has made my absolute favorite fan trailer. It acknowledges the events of previous Marvel films (Age of Ultron had not yet been released, so the footage used all came from the AoU trailer) while also building on the mythology of the character. Natasha is an antihero; she started out as a villain and became something more. She still holds a dubious place in this world. She's not national symbol like Captain America, and she's not a 'billionaire philanthropist playboy' like Iron Man. In the same way that the Black Widow character seems to be getting sidelined within the MCU itself, she struggles with her position as an Avenger and her identity as a hero within her own story. IT IS SO META. Like why are we getting Ant Man when we could have this?
This is such a cool trailer. Made by Alex Luthor, it feels more like an action film than the first one, but that just means a film like this would fit right in with the other MCU movies. If anything, videos like this make me more impatient with Marvel, not less. Look at all the storytelling potential here! Who is she loyal to? Can we trust her? It feels gritty and true to the character.
This final trailer by Mindd Kidzag looks almost like a horror movie. Something feels like it's about to go very wrong. One of my major complaints abiut the MCU is that it no longer feels like there are any major consequences for the characters. The formula that the studio seems to insist upon makes everything feel so predictable. The Avengers fight and snark. They lose once or twice, but then they win. If the studio wants to tell the same story every time, they need to do something tk ake it still seem fresh. Making another movie starring a white guy names Chris isn't gonna cut it. A movie like this would attract more casual viewers (people who just want to see a well done action film) and it would also reward long-time fans.
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