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You've seen it done a million times and you've officially fallen in love -- we sure have.

The bob has taken things up a couple notches over the past couple years and the asymmetrical bob has changed the entire hair game. Both chic and edgy this look is perfect for anyone who is looking for a change, but nothing too extreme. You're in between wanting to cut your hair, but not cutting it too short.

This hairstyle solves all your problems.

No worries, get your hair in shape (literally) with a stylish asymmetrical cut.

Okay, we get it, you don't follow trends. So what!

Everyone's doing it (e.i. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Ciara) -- you aren't impressed?
Well, let the impressing begin.

Classic Asymmetrical Bob:

Beyonce made this bob look so effortless and chic. The blonde color compliments her complexion so well. Not only does this bob frame her face perfectly, but it's such a classic look that can be pulled off by anyone who is looking for a change.

Curly Asymmetrical Bob:

It's safe to say Rihanna was one of the first to put others onto the asymmetrical bob game. Don't act surprised -- yeah, we said it. She switched it up a few times and one of her best looks was her curly bob, hands down. It was feminine enough with a bit of edge. Rihanna can do no wrong, we all know that.

Wavy Asymmetrical Bob:

Out of the three, this wavy bob might just take the cake. Who doesn't love tousled, beach wave hair? It's enough to make you look put together without doing too much. Dress this hairstyle up or down and you're set. What's not to love? And might we add, Taylor wears it well.