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As a recent graduate looking for work in all the wrong places and still spending more then half of my (meager) paychecks on drinks and hangover brunches, I choose what to spend my leftover money on carefully.
Basically store brands all the way.
I don't have the funds or the brain power to care if my apples are organic or if my dresses are from Nordstrom. Hell, I reconsidered buying a romper in Target because it was $25.
So while I try and limit my spending on material items, there are some things you just have to splurge on.
1. Face Wash
I will drop money on face washes and lotions. The first thing people look at is your face, obviously you want it looking perfect. I have sensitive skin (ginger problems), so I personally use the Clinique brand. The prices aren't totally crazy but they are defiantly more on the expensive side. But it's worth every penny! While I may be paying extra for the face washes I save so much on cover up. Actually, I hardly even use coverup!
It's awesome, and because I use coverup so sparingly, that means I can buy the Clinique brand of coverup too! It is amazing, lasts forever, and has sunblock in it which is always important.
2. Jeans
Jeans are the worst thing to shop for. None of the sizes fit the same in every store and everything about the scaling system sucks! Actually if you want to see a great video about the horrors of jean shopping check out Attention Stores: One Size Fits No One!
Anyway, the second you find that perfect pair of jeans, buy them. You will not regret it. Jeans are such a staple in a person wardrobe that owning a few perfect pairs will keep you set for almost every occasion.
Don't settle for jeans you don't feel comfortable in. Save up, sell an organ, or beg for some christmas presents, either way you'll be happier in those jeans.
Not going to lie...the same goes for a comfortable pair of heels.
3. Celebrating something special.
My opinion is slightly biased on this one because I will have no problem throwing down money for food. Eating is my favorite pastime. However, when something special happens don't hold back in treating yourself or the person who needs to be celebrated! Be it a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion or just a silly tradition your friends created, do something special. Choose the cool restaurant that lets you watch them cook or that crazy one that gives you amazing views of the city while slowly spinning around.
The best part about having money is being able to spend it on loved ones. Don't hold back!
4. Traveling
Traveling can be expensive! But with all new ways to travel for cheap going abroad is more possible now then ever before. Air B&B, hostels, and couch surfing are all cheap ways to save money on a room you'll hardly be in. However, don't just choose the cheapest hostel because the price equated to $2.59 a room. There is a reason for that. Spend the extra bucks to ensure you get a bed that doesn't have a history of bed bugs or rude, unhelpful staff members.
Also couch surfing isn't for everyone. If you feel like a situation is sketchy, get out of it! Treat yourself to a nice room to congratulate yourself for trust your instincts and then be a good traveler and write a review!
5. Books
Ah books. How I love you so. While the library is amazing, sometimes it's nice to just own a book. Rereading and highlighting favorites is the best way to truly enjoy a story. So every few weeks, when you have a few extra bucks, head to your local book store and pick up a few.
Help combat the decline of printed literature and keep bookstores open!
Did you know the Bronx almost lost its only big name bookstore in the entire burrow. That is not okay!
6. Getting your hair done
Especially if you have curly hair!! As most curly haired women know our hair is completely insane. It's nice to spend the few extra bucks to get it cut by someone who has experience with curly hair. Cutting curly hair when its wet and straight leads to a very interesting turn out after it drys and coils back up.
But for all hair, it feels wonderful to just go in and get exactly what you wanted. And usually a nice haircut means less time in the mornings trying to tame it. So spending a little bit extra on the cut saves you a lot more time in the mornings.
Treat. Yo. Self. I totally agree with all of these! I'm fine dying completely broke if I lived a life full of special experiences, people I love, and kickass food :)
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@jeff4122 same! sometimes I hate the idea of wasting money but Im slowly learning that spending money for experiences trumps spending money for anything else!
Love the bit about spending on special occasions. I'm kinda bad at that but always try to remind myself your exact point - that's why we have money...