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I like to think I'm well-read, but I know I can't realistically know every single book inside and out. It's sort of embarassing when you find out a movie you've loved for years exists in book form. So, to prevent further public humiliation, here are five movies you probably saw before finding out you could have picked up the same story as a book at the library.

Die Hard

This movie is older than I am how did I not know this? Apparrntly Die Hard was originally called Nothing Lasts Forever, written by Roderick Thorp, and was actually a sequel to a book he published in the sixties. I can't really imagine this story being told any other way. The book would be missing Alan Rickman playing a German terrorist!

The Edge of Tomorrow

This one is probably obscure enough that you have a good excuse. All You Need is Kill is a Japanese book written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, but the basic plot is the same (in as much as you can call an epic plot like this basic). Terrifying aliens invade earth, man discovers that he is able to harness their power and relive the day with foresight. The only catch is he has to die. So it's like the worst Groundhog Day ever. It is a little weird (and by weird I mean predictable and depressing) that the film adaptation made all the characters white. It's pretty much the only downside to what is otherwise a wicked cool movie.


If you want someone to blame for the close-to-extinction status of sharks today, you can talk to Peter Benchley (seriously, this movie inspired a generation to fear and subsequently kill sharks even though they're barely threat). Benchley wrote the 1974 novel that inspired the iconic film.

Fight Club

I'm always surprised people have never heard of the book, until I remember that I am a huge nerd. Fight Club was the book that garnered acclaim for the newbie writer Chuck Palahniuk (whose previous novel Choke had seen modest sales), but he's gone on to write amazing novels at an almost yearly rate. (Invisible Monsters is my absolute favorite).

Blade Runner

@paulisaverage actually inspired this card, he mentioned on another one that this film was based on the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. With rumors of a sequel following the 30th anniversary, this feels like the kind of thing one would want to know.

In The Heart of The Sea

This +1 is brought to you by a DEMON WHALE. Or something. Moby Dick is one of those books everyone "reads" in high school (reading here means making jokes about the title while procrastinating on homework). While I can't fathom why anyone thought it would be a good idea to turn the classic novel into a summer blockbuster (starring an Australian even though the story is rooted in New England traditions), but I'm assuming it will only v2ahuely resemble the book. Still, I hope we were all paying enough attention in high school to remember a title as poorly aged as Moby Dick. The symbolism alone shiuld really give it away. Giant white whale? Not exactly subtle.
@shannonl5 i didn't know die hard was a book, or a sequel. blade runner was the only one i knew was a book first but then im kind of a nerd too lol. i hated jaws, but that's cuz my dad was a little sadistic and always took us to see scary movies...we always sat up front and near the center...
Haha sure thing @TerrecaRiley
I am enlightened. Thank u
Oh and @shannonl5 I agree. Asians are notoriously badly represented in American cinema. Emily Blunt's character was totally badass, but Edge of Tomorrow certainly isn't the feminist bad-girl thrill ride that Mad Max is. We need more action movies that represent badass women and Asians!!
@shannonl5 "until I remember that I'm a huge nerd" hahaha. I can identify ;D
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