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Big Bang may be busy with their comeback and concert tours this year, but that hasn't stopped TOP from getting started on his next project, a drama series. His most recent acting project was Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014), but he hasn't made a drama appearance since IRIS (2009).
Not much information has been released regarding this new drama, but TOP started filming for this project today, June 10th! His partner in the drama is Japanese actress Juri Ueno.
The drama is expected to premiere near the end of 2015! Who else is excited to see TOP in a drama? I'm hoping for a cheesy, light-hearted rom-com (we've already seen him in enough serious roles in movies)!
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@PassTheSuga Super egggcited! Been so since the announcement XD Now even more so seing it in action finally (༶ૢ˃̵̑◡˂̵̑༶ૢ) @poojas SUPER FAN! XD
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I'm surprised that he's doing a romantic drama. I feel like whenever I think of TOP the actor, I see him as the action-action-action type of guy. Also, did any of you see Tazza 2? Holy crap, that was a bloody movie. What's up with Korean movies being the bloodiest movies in the entire universe?!?
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@danidee I know right! Especially after his movies, I can't NOT see him as a serious and action kinda guy but it'll be a nice change to see him in a romantic drama. And YES! I did see Tazza 2. It just kept getting progressively gruesome! Korean movies are intense but awesome...I've seen a few non-bloody ones, haha.
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I feel like the romantic movies are REALLY SAPPY and then the action movies are REALLY BLOODY. Korea goes hard when it comes to making movies.
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@danidee I like the really sappy movies! So Ji Sub's "Always" comes to mind! ^^
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