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That is so Raven. The View announced this morning that Symone, a frequent guest host, would be joining the talk show as a full-time host.
As a big fan of Raven Symone, I'm excited about this addition to the talk show, not only because I grew up watching her, but because she's created a distinct, adult voice for herself over the last few years.
Even after her days of visions and ridiculous costumes on That's So Raven, she's been in the spotlight for a variety of reasons. She's an active supporter of same-sex marriage and is vocal against the media labeling her, and others, in any way, shape or form.
As far as child stars go, she' grown up pretty well, becoming a smart and well-informed actress that I think will bring a fresh and young perspective to The View.
And, for those that remember That's So Raven, we know she's got a great sense of humor that will be welcomed on the daytime talk show.