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I love League of Legends. I also love cosplay. When these two worlds unite, some truly awesome things happen. Here's a collection of League of Legends cosplays (and cosplayers) who really went above and beyond.
Here's a really cool Blood Moon Kalista cosplay, as imagined by Puppichu Cosplay. No need for her crowd control effects, I'm already stunned!
Here's an absolutely radiant Leona cosplay by Cinderys Art amd Cosplay. The level of detail here is incredible. The armor looks fantastic! You can try not looking directly at her, but fat chance of that.
A truly terrifying gender-bent Sion cosplay here by Gorvenna the Siren. You'll be hard-pressed to dodge her Unstoppable Onslaught, I reckon.
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I loveeee all the Leona!!