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Seriously. It looks really, really, dumb.
When I was a little girl, the first two Terminator movies were my absolute favorite (the second one in particular, is still on my personal Top 5 movies list).
Now, I knew nothing about this movie before I saw this trailer. So, initially I was excited for it. But after watching it, it seems like this installment is going to retcon those movies. Specifically, those movies.
I don't like to be negative but I can't help but feel terrible about this. Part of it comes from the fact that it feels like it's ruining my memories... but the major part of my terrible feeling comes from the fact that... I'm probably going to go see it anyway.
Terminator Genysis comes out July 1st and I'll be crying in the theater on the same day.
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I got tricked into watching Arnold in "Maggie," I was salty the whole way home after watching it, lol
@christianmordi, I want to be surprised so bad. I want to walk out of the theater and sing and dance but I'm pretty sure there's a 1 percent chance of that happening, hahaha
@christianmordi, Hahahaha! Oh man, that's worst. Leaving the theater, on your way home, and just constantly thinking "what the hell did I just do". I've definitely been there before, man.
I agree. Looks like a remake of T2. With some changes. Word!
I know I'm going to watch it anyways, and probably just sit around, staring at my hands, going "well. That's over," afterwards. Bad as it is I even cringed a little when they started having Arnold say the lines everyone expects....of course they're going to be in there but it just felt off.