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The Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to meet with the Pope today. After Russia’s conflict with Europe many are urging the Pope to talk some sense into the Russian Leader.
Kenneth Hackett, the US ambassador to the Holy See, said the Vatican “could say more about concerns on territorial integrity. Maybe this is an opportunity for the Holy Father to privately raise those concerns."
Especially after President Obama’s comments last week, accusing Putin of trying to 'recreate the glories of the Soviet empire.' Putin has a pretty bad rep in the western world. Can the Pope make an impact on this oh-so humble leader?
Before his talk with this famous leader in the religious community, Putin told an Italian newspaper, he plans to meet with the Pope and create an ally. But he also made a statement commenting on his religious believes. Including the fact that "God gave me (Putin) perfect judgment.”
He may be too full of himself to even listen. And perhaps the Pope won’t be able to talk civilly to this off-Putin’ (Hehe get it?) guy.