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On Tuesday, June 9th, Kelly Ripa did the unspeakably AWESOME. She died her hair bright pink and I love it!

Her caption read, " For the love of P!NK @ryantrygsthair you are boss" with many rose emojis.

Her stylist also posted a pic with a caption that read, " @kellyripa never stop playing!" along with 8 heart shaped emojis. They have such a cute friendship :)

She looks so good!

Here's another quick shot from Live!

They. Are. The. Best. Pairing. Ever.

Kelly Ripa has some things to say about her new hair and it's absolutely hilarious!
Her husband likes it and SO DO WE!
Kelly Ripa is adorable. I used to think she was really annoying back in the day, but then I grew out of my frigid and judgmental teenage years and can admit she's some cute stuff.
@mashalledgar She has really proved that you can still be relevant and youthful in a sea of younger contenders. They have an amazing dynamic and I really enjoy them together. And I agree, she has grown so much!
I love Kelly. And Michael too. At first, when they began hosting together, I wasn't too sure. But I really love them both. She's come so far--I remember when she and her husband were on All My Children together, way back in the day.