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It's almost officially summertime, which means it's time to rock wedges! I love wedges more than heels because they are more comfortable and you don't risk sinking a stiletto into the grass while you are at a picnic. And if you are like me and live in a big city, not getting your heels caught in grates on the street is actually a necessary goal for your day.
Lace-up wedges
These wedges are great because they aren't high (so you can still walk around) and they have laces, which means your feet are secured in them (no worry about them falling off of your feet). Plus at $35, you don't have to spend a fortune to strut your stuff on the streets.
Animal print wedges
Like with all other pieces of clothing, animal print is also trendy on wedges. Let your feet do all the talking with a pair of wild wedges that only cost $36.
Tropical print wedges
Celebrate the coming of summer and vacation time with a pair of wedges that have a tropical print (nothing says warmer weather quite like palm trees). And at only $36, you can save money to buy an extra margarita.
Cutout wedges
Another pair of low wedges for those of you who have to walk a lot during the day (like me) or aren't so good at walking in wedges (also like me). These wedges also have cutout detail on the front strap to add some flair to a neutral color. You don't have to cut a large chunk out of your bank account to rock these — they are $31.
Bootie wedges
Want a pair of more sophisticated (not sandal) wedges that you can wear to work? These are just for you. These wedges are like booties for fall but still keep your feet cool with some much appreciated air flow. They also are kind to your wallet at $28.
Ankle strap wedges
These wedges have a more sophisticated look with a closed toe. The wedges also feature the vintage ankle strap look, which is coming back in full force this summer. The wedges cost only $30.
Printed wedges
Show off your love of prints with these printed wedges, which are only $35 (hurry, they are on sale).
Super strappy wedges
Nothing like being doubly sure you won't fall out of your shoes. These wedges have a lot of support on the strap area and just like a good bra, better straps means the shoes will be more comfortable. These are comfortable and affordable at $40 a pair.
Bright color wedges
Add a pop of color to your outfit with these bright aqua wedges for $33.
Army green wedges
I think these wedges might be my favorite wedges out of this list! Rock the army fashion trend with these army green wedges for $28.