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Like I stated earlier Oh Hyuk is like my ultimate fav singer. He has this flavor that's kind of retro-pop and alternative. His songs speak to me on a deeper level. And if you look and really listen to the lyrics, it's a really captivating songs about love and betrayal and simply not caring. The lack of emotion and enthusiasm that appears on his face totally awesome daebak!!!!!!!
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@kpopandkimchi I don't know a lot either but I think he is an amazing artist so far
He has a great voice! Thanks for sharing @stevieq ^_^
@poojas he's kind of my new addiction aside from my TOP bias ^-^
@stevieq Ah, I see. And another TOP bias, woohoo! My current addiction is K.Will, haha.
@poojas oh I love K. Will. I was totally into him 2 yrs ago! ^-^