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Some lores will tell you that a single entity created all of existence. Another says that all that exists is adrift the cosmos on the back of a giant sea turtle. Science would have you believe that everything originated from a single, focused point in time and space, and is ever expanding outwards.
People will ascribe their beliefs to any one of these theories, hanging their hopes on the thought that there is an established explanation for how we came to be.
What if I told you that they are all wrong?
What if I told you that you, I, we all exist on but a single petal of a single flower?
What if I told you that on this single petal lived everything you have ever cared for, loved, cherished, or will cherish? That this delicate, soft, fragrant piece of life houses all of life as we know it?
What if I told you not only that, but that our one petal is part of one flower, which is then but one flower on a bush, and that flowering bush is but one point of life in a vast forest filled with life?
What if?